Township Committee meets to discuss Hazlet issues




The Hazlet Township Committee met on Feb. 7 to discuss new business, introduce ordinances and listen to the public.

Before the regular meeting, the Committee met for a workshop where the members discussed updates concerning the town, including the difficult search for a chief financial officer, the Hazlet swim club needing new supplies and the sewer billing system, which has been an issue for Hazlet residents for some time.

At the regular meeting, resolutions were passed, including the refund of CCO fees for 10 Bryn Place, Block 144, Lot 2, and the release of escrow fees for various projects.

The Committee moved forward and authorized the payment of Accumulated Compensatory and Sick Buy Out as per PBA Local 189 Contract for Arthur Lynch, who will be retiring, as well as authorized CME Associates to perform engineering services for the 2016 Road Improvement Project and improvements to Hazlet Avenue Phase III.

The only issue not mutually agreed on by the Committee was the awarding of a contract to Conor Strong Buckalew for Insurance Consultant/Risk Manager Services. Committeeman James DiNardo and Committeewoman Barbra Ronchetti voted “no.” Ronchetti believed it to be a “conflict of interest” as Conor Strong is owned by the Monmouth County Municipal Joint Insurance Fund.

The Committee also authorized Mayor Sue Kiley to execute Amendment No. 5 of the first Vehicles Contract and the 2017 Safety Contract with the Monmouth County Municipal Joint Insurance Fund. The final authorization was for the engineer to execute Progress Payment Estimate No. 2 for the Natco Park Parking Lot.

Four ordinances were introduced for the year. Two separate ordinances were for fixing and establishing a schedule of salaries, ranges, increments, wages and fees for certain employees of the township summer camp and the swim and tennis club; amending and supplementing another ordinance set to establish fees for the Hazlet swim and tennis club; and fixing and establishing the fee schedule for the township recreation programs. The hearing for the ordinances will take place Feb. 21.

There were residents still concerned with the sewer billing issue. DiNardo and Ronchetti have introduced a possible resolution, upon acquiring and drafting the appropriate documents. The township is sending out a single tax bill starting the second quarter of 2017, reducing $10 in the sewer tax for the next four quarters and classifying the sewer fee as a dedicated fee with the revenue derived from it being used exclusively for the operation of the sewer utility.

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