Town center initiatives would benefit East Brunswick



As an East Brunswick resident, I am concerned about the direction our town is going in regards to “green initiatives.”

I was inspired by a Penn State sustainability course, but have limited knowledge of East Brunswick’s environmental policies I set forth; ironically, I found advantages in not having knowledge. Unbiased and without predisposed notions, I formed my own opinion that I would like to share with my fellow “Bears”.

Geography impacts our lives whether it’s work, social or anything in between, including our environment. Sure, I did my part recycling but never thought about East Brunswick’s sustainability and carbon footprint policies. We can talk about many green initiatives; however, in my humble opinion, there is one that provides the greatest leverage: with an area of 22 square miles and about 48,000 residents, past local governments did not effectively plan a city-center orpedestrian zone as urban sprawl spread over the decades. So what’s the effect and solution?

Having a pedestrian zone filled with commerce encourages less driving and more walking; it’s the same concept of “park and ride”. A town center would also make local public transportation viable by being more accessible and encouraging more community based transportation. This would also promote a more inclusive policy to people who can’t afford a car or don’t drive.

Fellow East Brunswick residents, let us urge for governmental action, laws and zoning policies for the creation of a town center/pedestrian zone which will allow us to adopt a “greener” future.

Marissa Grieco
East Brunswick