Traffic light would improve Rutgers Gardens area


Rutgers Gardens is always a great place to drop by, whether it’s visiting the crocuses of spring, the many flowers of summer, the fall colors or the secret robins and witch hazel of winter.

The gardens have many well attended special events, classes, plant sales and a fairly extensive and varied Friday Farmers’ Market including some organic products, prepared foods and even knife sharpening. While I strongly support local East Brunswick growers, the Farmers’ Market is a once-a-week go-to operation that sustains Jersey farmers and Jersey businesses. All this in a wonderful setting located on Ryders Lane at the East Brunswick/New Brunswick border. It’s north of the Farrington Lake Bridge, just before the Route 1 entrance.

The one drawback occurs late in the day as it draws closer to rush hour. Traffic increases and so does the very real danger in crossing Ryders Lane to go south. While you could choose to drive north and turn around near Sears – a significant distance away – a traffic light is a necessity at this intersection. I have heard rumors that a light is in the works but my wish is that the Middlesex County Freeholders expedite the process and make it safe to come and go from the Rutgers Gardens site. A little gem in Middlesex County would shine more brightly.

Anthony J. Riccobono
East Brunswick