Reader urges support for Rullo in June 6 Primary


New Jersey Republican Governor Candidate Joseph ‘Rudy’ Rullo says New Jersey needs more revenue and a major reduction in expenses in order to solve the unaffordability problem the state faces and unlike other Republican candidates, Rullo said he actually has a plan to do it. Here are the yearly specifics.


First, Rullo wants to decrease expenses immediately by drastically cutting the number of appointment jobs he is responsible for. Of the 800 plus positions Rullo can fill, he expects to fill only 400 of them, with a net savings of $20 million.

Second, Rullo would fire all outside portfolio managers hired by the state to manage the Pension Fund. Rullo will have direct management of the pension fund to the in-state Investment Division for a net savings of $700 million.

Third, Rullo will start the process of reducing the number of superintendents, business administrators, and municipal tax assessors statewide for a net savings of $100 million.

Fourth, Rullo will dissolve the Transportation Trust Fund and consolidate all highway authorities for a net savings of $100 million.

Fifth, Rullo willl open up state employee health insurance bidding across America for a net savings of $50 million.

As for revenue generation, Rullo will legalize marijuana for a net savings of $1 million. Rullo’s plan accounts to $1 billion in saves and $1 billion in gains. The only losers in the Rullo plan are those responsible for hijacking growth and weighing down the budget to pay for their shenanigans. No other candidates running in the Republican or Democratic primary have provided an idea quite like Rullo’s.

The effects of the plan will fix the pension, provide better health care for state employees, put money towards infrastructure, create a new economy, and make a leaner more responsible government. Rullo is a very easy choice this June 6 for Republican voters.

Joe Furmato