Resident questions mayor’s vote on budget


Liberals are conflicted souls. Gone are the days of the JFK Democrats who are replaced by ultra-liberals Barack Obama, Hilary Clinton, Elizabeth Warren and our favorite Communist, Bernie Sanders.

This liberalism has trickled down to local politics. The example is Howell’s own mayor, Theresa Berger.

Mayor Berger campaigned on a promise of stopping the overdevelopment of Howell. Supporting her is Howell Strong, that mighty group that will stop overdevelopment and the state mandated Council on Affordable Housing (COAH) obligations in Howell.

Well, Mayor Berger, what is your plan to stop COAH? Her campaign literature offered no solution to stop COAH. Reason why? COAH is a liberal program created by the Democrats and liberal judges in New Jersey. Of course she does not have a plan because as a Democrat, the mayor supports COAH.

There are 16 COAH proposed developments in Howell and the mayor will support these 16 developments and possibly more. She is a conflicted soul when it comes to COAH. She promised to stop these developments, but as a Democrat she supports them.

The second conflict for the mayor is the recently passed budget. The Tri-Town News headline on May 4 reads, “Howell Council Cuts Tax Levy, Adopts Municipal Budget.” The mayor voted against the budget stating “I had bigger cuts” to a budget that included her cuts.

But wait, a liberal cutting tax rates? Of course not. No liberal will ever cut a tax rate, but do the opposite and raise taxes. The gas tax hike was sponsored by the Democrats. The real reason why the mayor voted no to this budget, as a Democrat she is in favor of tax increases.

According to a recent Forbes report, New Jersey has the highest property taxes and the third highest taxes of any state. We can thank the liberal democrats in the New Jersey Assembly and Senate for our tax problems and the mayor is a follower of the liberal Democrats.

She wanted to vote yes for the tax rate decrease, but her conflicted soul steered her in the opposite direction to vote against it.

Mayor Berger, Howell Strong and liberal Democrats in this town are not looking out for the best interests in Howell. The mayor and her supporters will follow the liberal Democrats that rule New Jersey.

She is in favor of COAH and higher taxes because that is what her soul is telling her to do. That is the liberal way. Liberals are conflicted souls and the mayor of Howell is definitely a conflicted soul.

Michael Sanclimenti
Republican County Committee